Verus Engineering Aggressive Rear Diffuser - Subaru WRX / STI 2015+

SKU: A0028A

$679.95 $747.95

Decrease lift and drag dramatically on your WRX/STI with a simple bolt on diffuser. By using CFD to aid in the design stage, we were able to extract more performance out of our initial design as well as prove the unit will function in the real world.

0.063 Thick 5052 Aluminum
Stainless hardware throughout

Powder Coated Matte Black
Organic Shape
Flat head riveted strakes (No rivet heads visible, flat bottom)
Simple Bolt on installation
Reduces drag
Significantly reduces lift
Optional 2pc differential/suspension covers reduce drag even further and aid in feeding the diffuser clean air.

Confirmed Exhaust Fitment:
Stock Exhaust
Agency Power Exhaust
Blitz Nur Spec
Blitz Nur Spec F-TI
Borla Exhaust
Cobb Exhaust
Corsa Exhaust
ETS Exhaust Sysemts
Greddy Supreme SP
HKS Hi-Power (all)
HKS Legamax
HKS Super Turbo
Invidia N1 dual
Invidia Q300 single and dual
Invidia R400
Magnaflow Exhaust
Milltek Exhaust System
Nameless axle and cat backs
RCE Clubsport
Turbo XS
X Force

Confirmed Exhausts that Require Trimming:
Invidia N1 Single
Tomei Type 80
STI Upgraded Exhaust - Dealer Option Model

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