SubiSpeed VA Gurney Flap for OEM Short Spoiler - Subaru WRX / STI 2015+




With its simple install and OEM based styling, this add on will be a favorite for many 2015+ WRX / STI owners. Adding it to your vehicle results in a small amount of drag, but a good amount of downforce at speed.

NOTE: Requires the low profile OEM or low profile OEM look spoiler (OLM / Seibon Low Profile).


The OEM low profile spoiler is a clean factory piece. The SubiSpeed VA Gurney Flap keeps the lower center portion as part of its design and has a clean surface on the backside. No mechanical fasteners.

This design looks good with the OLM RÜF Spoiler which has the same design elements.


Local manufacturing experts in Des Moines, IA were able to use their extensive knowledge of automotive design and production to come up with a solid mounting solution.

PT1100 is a 3M Acrylic Plus Tape black foamed acrylic adhesive with additional acrylic adhesive on both sides. Typical applications are attachments of rigid add-on-parts such as spoiler, rocker panel, antenna housings, roof ditch moldings and wheel arch extensions, etc., where an aesthetic bond line is required.

It is cold temperature impact resistant and does not allow the gurney flap to have play after installed unlike many adhesives would.

A pull test with a Wagner force gauge was performed on the gurney flap. It resulted in 21-22 lbs of force before peel in zones 1 / 3 and over 50 lbs in zone 2 before the gauge moved along the axis of the gurney flap. These single point tests suggest much higher adhesion strength along the entire surface of the flap.

3M rates their tape at a 90 degree peel adhesion for 44 newtons per centimeter. This converts to about 25 lbs per inch of tape. The gurney has the force applied to the tape at approximately a 75 degree angle from horizontal. This gives an even larger factor of safety.


In order to relieve the tension found in a flat piece of metal, the gurney flap takes a journey through a roll bender. This machine has been programmed to match the curve of the OEM spoiler. This was a key element that allowed proper installation without mechanical fasteners.

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