SubiSpeed LED Headlights DRL w/ Hardware Kit - Subaru STI 2015-2017 / WRX 2015+



These are the SubiSpeed DRL Full LED Headlights, which are the result of tireless engineering to bring you a headlight outfitted with the latest in today's modern LED technology to improve the look and lighting power of your vehicle. 

This is the first all-LED headlight that is a full replacement for your factory headlights designed to improve the lighting surface coverage, as well as adding a nice touch to the exterior of your vehicle. The SubiSpeed Headlights feature a black housing which provides a cleaner look, but the main feature is that all of the lighting bars within the headlight are full-LED, and because they are DRL (daytime running lights) they will be on at a full-time basis. 

Note that these headlights are for LHD vehicles only, and they will come provided with hardware, and wiring to make them plug and play, and ready for the installation. 

Sold as a pair. 

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