SubiSpeed Exhaust Hole Delete for Single Exit Exhausts - Subaru WRX / STI 2015 - 2020



There were a few systems available for this vehicle early on which were single exit. Here at SubiSpeed, we made our own cover within the first few months the vehicle was available publicly. However, it never went into production until now.

Due to the demand after our SEMA 2016 vehicle was shown with two covers, we've decided to make this available to all.

Made from 22 gauge cold rolled steel, laser cut, formed and then powder coated to stand up to the elements. Easy install with two self tapping screws to attach to the underside of the bumper. Screws will self tap into a non visible area so when you go back to dual exhaust it will still look factory. Once the screws are installed, bend the tab over the factory bumper cover and your'e done.

You can choose a left OR right delete. They are sold individually. When looking at the rear of the vehicle, decide which side needs to be covered. Left or right.

Note: Are you using a stock j pipe or downpipe? If yes, the GrimmSpeed Subaru Stock DP to Aftermarket 3 in. Catback Adapter p/n 077046, is required.

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