Stoptech Street Rear Brake Pads - Subaru STI

SKU: 308.09610


These are the Stoptech Street Brake Pads. These are excellent OEM replacement performance street brake pads that will meet OEM requirements in terms of lasting quality but will exceed OEM requirements in performance. Stoptech engineered these brake pads for the daily-driven vehicle with validated friction formulations to develop a low-dust pad with a quiet operation that is perfect for those who have to daily commute their vehicles but offer great stopping performance for the occasional spirited drive. 






  • Rear location
  • Ideal brake pad for daily driver use
  • Low dust/low noise
  • Manufactured to include all OE gas slots and chambers which will ensure for efficient and safe braking
  • Positive molded technology provides reliable and safe stopping performance for the entire service life of the brake pad
  • Precision cut backing plates ensure correct pad fitment in the caliper body which helps eliminate vibrations and noise under braking
  • Application-specific pad shims are included to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibrations 





  • Depending on your model, some pads will include new pins or clips for the installation

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