StickerFab Japanese Style Grille Bar Overlays - 18+ WRX/STI


These pinstripes are custom cut to fit the 2018 grille. This DOES NOT include the lower S208 pinstripe (lower) which I sell in another listing. BEWARE of other sellers selling strips of vinyl that are not contoured to fit the grille properly.

It's called a Japanese style pinstripe because the design concept for it started in Japan. 

This material is durable and will last for years. 

Installation instructions:

Clean the surface of the grille. The novice way to apply this is to wet the back of the vinyl. You can even use a little soap. This will allow you to slide the vinyl around, but will make it harder to stick. You will have to wait until it dries completely to complete a wet installation. A dry installation is possible as well. Start at the side nearest the EMBLEM and slowly work your way to the corner. Repeat for the other side. The material is a little stretchy so if you stretch it you will have to use a credit card or something to wedge the end in. The look will be fine either way. Stretched slightly or perfectly fit.

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