OLM S209 Style Fender Flare 12pc Set - 15+ WRX / STI

SKU: A.70196.1-MB


OLM's S209 Style Paint Matched fender flares will give your vehicle that Japanese aftermarket look you've been looking for. ABS goodness that is pre-painted and ready to go.

No pun intended, but these will make your vehicle stick out in a crowd. Matched with subtle mods, you can make a pretty tasteful car. However, this is a really good mod for those who want to go all out as well. Add a big wing, body kit, etc and you can be at the top of the pack in the mods department.

Each fender is approximately 3cm (1.18") wide. Since they mount on your existing fenders the overall width increase is around 1.7" front and rear.


This kit is prepared for those with mild or wild setups. For the milder builds, you can simply prep the painted surface of your vehicle with isopropyl alcohol. Of course that's after giving your vehicle a good bath. Test fit each piece so you can understand how each one aligns with your vehicle and other pieces. Clean the back side of each piece with isopropyl alcohol as well and then apply the included 3M. Remember that 3M applies best when the tape and parts in play are at around 70 degrees. Don't try this installation in the cold. No need to roll your fenders or do any other modifications.

For wilder setups, test fit all the items. Should you decide that you need more space for your wheels, consult a professional about modifying your existing fenders before mounting this kit.

NOTE: If you have rolled your fenders before, this kit may not fit properly. This kit is based off of 3D scans and contours the factory paneling. Requires 2018-2021 front bumper.

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