OLM Hikari Series LED Headlights - Subaru WRX / STI 2015-2017 / WRX 2018-2020 Base & Premium

SKU: A.70205.1



OLM's entry into the 15-20 WRX & STI headlight game is strong with these ultra modern LED lamps. This design look takes cues from high end vehicles.

Features a unique startup pattern that will turn some heads and keep them looking at this unique multi-reflector design.

The headlights are an important element when it comes to styling and safety. The C-light feature is bright and uniform versus the stock halogen lamps that come with the VA chassis. When the C-light activates it has a unique startup function as well.

The Hikari Series Headlight appeals to owners who want to upgrade to a modern lamp that elevates their car to another class.

Built in conjunction with Vland to meet US specifications and requirements.


  • All LED - Low/High/Sidemarker/DRL
  • Bright C-light / DRL
  • C-light startup sequence + breathing
  • Plug and play installation


  • 2015-2017 WRX & STI
  • 2015-2021 WRX Base & Premium Only


DOT / SAE stamp: Yes
E4 Stamp: No
Serial Location: Top of lamp


The DRL circuit can install one of two ways. If you place it in the high beam slot of the fuse box, you will also need to disconnect the DRL resistor in your vehicle. Otherwise your high beams will also be on. Simply remove the OEM high beam fuse, place it in the lower slot of the add a fuse, and now plug the add a fuse (with two fuses installed) back into the high beam fuse slot.

To wire it with accessory power and when the vehicle is running, please see our PDF in the additional tab for install of a similar item. You will cut one prong of the add a fuse off and insert it into the fuse box at the location it indicates.

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