GrimmSpeed Downpipe to Catback 3" Gasket - 2x Thick

SKU: 076001


3" Downpipe-to-Catback 2X Thick Gasket

Tired of the endless searching for a 3" 2 Bolt premium gasket that doesn't blow out? Most aftermarket Subaru exhaust systems need a 3" 2 bolt gasket, however, a quality 3" 2 bolt style gasket is nearly impossible to find. Until now. GrimmSpeed OEM Style Gasket, OEM quality without the high OEM price.

At GrimmSpeed we have worked with endless amounts of aftermarket gaskets, none seem to work as well as the multi-layer steel oem style gaskets. The issue with the oem gaskets from Subaru is that they are so expense. Well Grimmspeed has your answer, a premium multi-layer steel w/ stainless steel fire-ring gasket at a great price. Fits most 3" Subaru/Evo aftermarket exhaust systems



  • Universal

What's in the box?

  • (10 3-Inch 2-Bolt Gasket


  • Grimmspeed Limited Warranty

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