Forge Front Mount Intercooler Kit


$2,945 $3,100

Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler Kit.- R35 GTRThe Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler Kitr has been designed as an upgrade for the Nissan GTR R35 models. After considerable trials, Forge found that the most efficient core was of of tube and fin design, and along with an overall increase in dimensions, Forge was able to improve the cooling ability dramatically. This makes full use of the front opening of the bumper, and fully ducts the intercooler to it, unlike many others on the market. This gives a huge leap in efficiency and goes a long way to keeping intake temperatures down.The Forge intercooler is a massive 102% larger than the stock intercoolers (i.e. more than twice as big!). Forge's own testing was conducted on software and hardware tuned vehicles, to ensure that they would be working their hardest and the results showed both a reduction in inlet temperature, an increase in horsepower and torque, but with no detrimental effect on turbo spool-up. Very recent customer tests (October 2012) showed only a 9 degrees centigrade increase in inlet temperatures on an 870bhp GTR during a full power run on the dyno. This GTR intercooler kit is very comprehensive, supplied complete with all parts required, including mandrel bent, crackle-black 70mm pipework (black only) to both throttle bodies, silicon hoses (black, red or blue), all clips, bolts, and nuts together with comprehensive color instructions.No cutting of the crash bar or any part of the bumper is necessary at all.Please note that a Nissan throttle body optimization is recommended PRIOR to installation, and that POST installation the car should be mapped with either the Cobb Accessport or EcuTek software which are pre-programmed with a setting for the Forge intercooler. Contact your Cobb or EcuTek vendor for more information.When ordering please select from the options below your vehicle model year and if headlight washers are fitted.

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