FactionFab F-Spec Rear Brake Pads 2015+ WRX

SKU: 1.10071.1


you are looking at the Faction Fab F-Spec Brake Pads. These pads offer a great linear thermal stability with easy pedal modulation and consistent braking performance. These are high-performance brake pads that are ideal for the street, auto-x, and light track with a great low-temperature operation, low noise, and high rotor life characteristics.




  • Para-Aramid Composition
  • Ideal for auto-x, light track days, or aggressive street driving
  • 1300ºF maximum operating temperature to aid in fade resistance
  • Excellent modulation and initial bite
  • Pre-scorched compound to aid in cold weather modulation
  • O.E. gas slots and chamfers ensuring for safe efficient stopping while reducing noise associated with vibration
  • Positive molded technology provides safe and reliable stopping performance for the entire service life of the brake pad
  • Positive molded technology manufacturing process uses extreme pressure to compress the friction material and drives out any impurities or excess resins found in the brake pad
  • Precision cut backing plates ensure correct pad fitment in the caliper body eliminating vibrations and noise under braking
  • Mechanically attached application-specific pad shims are designed to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibrations


  • For 2015+ WRX models WITHOUT Eyesight.
  • For 2018+ BRZ/86 models WITHOUT the Brembo package.

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