OLM 2018 JDM Style Grille - WRX / STI 2018+

SKU: A.70062.1


Maybe the US knows JDM style better than Japan! In 2018 Subaru gave the entire world the same grille. This is a change from the 2015-2017 models where JDM vehicles had an ultra clean grille vs everyone else.

Now we're more JDM than Japan itself!

NOTE: Emblem not included.

Back in 2015 when the VA chassis WRX / STI was launched, the USDM vehicles had a different style grille vs the JDM models. They became hugely popular in the US for their clean mesh design without the horizontal bar.

This became the inspiration for a 2018+ JDM style grille. After the facelift, the whole world received the same grille. Available first in the US, this grille will make its way back into Japan! Just wait and see.

Much time was taken in the design to maximize the quality and appearance. Structurally and paint wise, this mimics an OE quality grille. The center support makes the grille strong while still maintaining a clean mesh design.


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