StickerFab 3D Carbon Interior Door Handle Trim Overlays - 15+ WRX/STI




Add a touch of texture with these deep, dark, textured 3D Carbon overlays. They install easily on the front and back doors, covering up the factory soft plastics. Works well with other 3D Carbon products from Sticker Fab.


Clean the door trims and prepare them for install. Make sure they are clean and free of products like Armor All.

Let's start with the front door. Align the upper back corner and use your fingers to press, guide, and stretch the vinyl. The smaller piece hooks around the trail edge of the door handle area. The area that the larger piece did not cover (see image with drawing). Repeat for the other side.

For the rear, you can start by aligning the vinyl towards the back of the trim piece. Make your way forward by pressing, guiding, and stretching the vinyl. You may want to use a little heat and the front to stretch the vinyl over the side. Light heat from a heat gun or hair dryer will work. You can easily get it to lay flat.

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