Beatrush Titanium Rear Subframe Performance Bar


$1,009.85 $1,063

The Beatrush Titanium Rear Performance Bar for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R features a large 32mm titanium shaft with titanium end plates. It mounts using factory points and is intended to further reinforce the front subframe, given the FWD drivetrain the performance benefit is obvious.

The Front Performance Brace is a modification that is rarely seen but when properly done isn't felt. A stiffer chassis will result in less deformation/movement of the subframe on the track which allows you to have more reliable, stable, and consistent handling.

Cutting the factory plastic under panel is necessary if you want to run it with this brace.


  • Designed specifically for the Civic Type R
  • Straight Circular 32mm front subframe support
  • Full titanium construction
  • Hand Burnt for a Unique Look

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