2015-2017 Subaru WRX FX200 Clutch Kit by Clutch Masters


$607.50 $675

Heavy duty pressure plate; steel-backed Carbon-Kevlar disc; smooth engagement & extended life. The Clutch Masters FX200 is recommended for the 2015 WRX with a little more than just basic bolt-ons. The FX200 offers comparable torque capacity to an FX100, but provides exceptionally smooth engagement & extended life (thanks to the Kevlar). Owners that drive their WRX daily and want quick engagement when driven enthusiastically need to look no further than the Clutch Masters FX200 kit.

Kevlar clutch discs require a strict 500-750 mile break-in period.
Torque capacity: 335 ft/lbs

Fitment Note: 2018+ WRX will need an oem style flywheel or aftermarket to work.

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